Article last updated on:
November 23, 2023

You’re probably in this situation:

  • You have a long conversation in ChatGPT
  • And you’ve scrolled far up
  • So you want to go back to the bottom
  • But you don’t know how to do it

Fear not, this guide shows you the way.

How to scroll to bottom in ChatGPT

  1. Open a chat
  2. Go above ChatGPT’s last answer
  3. Click the “arrow down ↓” (rounded button)
How to scroll to bottom on ChatGPT

You’ll see this arrow above the “Message ChatGPT…” box.

On mobile, you’ll want to do the same thing:

Going to the bottom of ChatGPT on mobile

Simply click this arrow and you’ll be down to the bottom of the chat.


We really hope this guide answered your question.

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