David Ch

Co-Founder, Guides.ai



  • Co-founder & Co-CEO of Guides.ai.
  • Expertise around AI:
    • 4 years of expertise with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
    • 3 years since testing copywriting AI tools.
  • Writing, editing, and curating information on Artificial Intelligence for Guides.ai library — assembling the Wikipedia of AI tutorials for beginners.
  • Exploring new product avenues for Guides.ai: strategic expansion and diversification.


David, as the co-founder and co-CEO of Guides.ai, oversees the team of publishers, leading the creation of the most comprehensive library of AI and ML.

From creating the most basic how-to guides to the most up-to-date lists of AI tools, David and the team helped people to improve their workflow with the power of AI.

David’s goal is to make guides that very easy to read by everyone, regardless of their past experience with AI — whether they are beginners or pros.


David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing & Management from Queen Mary University of London — one of the UK's leading universities.


The Company: Guides.ai

Guides.ai is the #1 company offering information on everything about AI usage, with many guides on the topic of Artificial Intelligence.

The company offers concise, effective, and actionable materials for productivity-improving with AI.

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