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December 27, 2023

Not happy with the answer Notion AI gave you? Want to get more reponses?

Follow this guide.

We will show you how to do it on desktop and mobile devices.

How to regenerate a response in Notion AI

You can regenerate a response in Notion AI by clicking “Try again” when the AI is finished writing your answer. It will then repeat and give a new answer.

Alternatively: Just ask Notion AI to write like so: “Rewrite your answer” — it then remake it.

Let’s see the breakdown for each device type.

A. Desktop

How to regenerate a response in Notion AI
  1. Open a Notion conversation
  2. Ask the AI anything
  3. Click “Try again” when finished
  4. A new answer will show up.

This is what the answer will then look like:

Regenerated response by Notion AI

Let’s proceed to the mobile version.

B. Mobile

Make sure you’ve got the Notion AI app for mobile.

Asking Notion AI to rewrite its answer
  1. Open a conversation
  2. Ask the AI to write something
  3. Tap “Try again” when done
  4. Wait for it to finish writing

You’ll then see the new answer like so:

Notion AI regenerates a response on iPhone

Congrats! You’ve just regenerated Notion AI’s response.


This guide explored the most efficient way to rewrite Notion AI’s answer.

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