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November 28, 2023

This guide addresses the following questions:

  • What AI does Notion use?
  • Does Notion AI use GPT?
  • Is Notion AI based on OpenAI?
  • What model & platform is Notion AI bsed on?

We’ve got the answers right here, in this guide.

Yes, Notion AI uses GPT machine learning models.

Notion AI: Machine Learning Model

Notion AI is essentially ChatGPT-3.5, only it is designed to look like it’s Notion’s AI.

  • ChatGPT-3.5 is free, whereas Notion AI costs $10/month.
  • You would get Notion AI if you’re already using Notion for everything.
Notion AI vs ChatGPT Pricing

Use the free ChatGPT version to achieve the same thing as Notion AI.

What model does Notion AI use?

Notion AI is a “wrapper” of GPT3.5, with the API of ChatGPT.

  • It is the same thing as the free version of ChatGPT.
  • The AI is just branded under Notion.
Explaining ChatGPT Models

You may use Notion’s AI if you’re already a Notion user.

That is the essence of the app.


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