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December 27, 2023

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to:

  • Get: Create your Notion AI account
  • Download: Install the app
  • Access: Start using the chatbot

Notion AI is 100% free for 20 responses (per workspace).

Let’s get going.

I. How to get Notion AI

  1. Open the Notion AI webpage
  2. Click “Get started
  3. Sign up: Email, Google, or Apple
  4. Complete the onboarding
Notion - Best AI Website For Notes And Productivity

These are the steps you need to take to sign up for Notion.

You can then start using Notion.

II. How to download Notion AI

You can download Notion AI by just installing the regular Notion app. Then start a conversation and press ‘space’ to engage with the AI.

Official download links:

Let’s break down how to get both of these.

A. Desktop

How to download Notion on desktop
  1. Go to the Notion website
  2. Open the ‘Download‘ page
  3. Select your operating system
  4. Click download

Then, the app installer will start downloading:

Notion AI Installer
  1. Open the installer: “.dmg” for Mac, “.exe” for Windows
  2. Complete the process

For Mac computers, you’ll need to drag and drop “Notion” in “Applications”.

Installing Notion on Mac

There you go! Now you can:

  • Open Notion
  • Start chatting with the AI.

B. Mobile

Downloading Notion on mobile
  1. Open your App Store
  2. Search “Notion
  3. Click “Get — for us it says “Open” because it’s already downloaded
  4. Open the app

Note: There are many replicas of Notion. Make sure you get the official app!

See the picture above to understand which app is the genuine Notion.

III. How to access Notion AI

A. Desktop

How to use Notion AI
  1. Open Notion
  2. Start a new page
  3. Type “/ai”
  4. Request a prompt
  5. Send your message

Helpful tip: Use one of the 10 best AI Prompt Generators to make sure Notion AI understands your question.

B. Mobile

How to use Notion AI on iPhone
  1. Open the app
  2. Tap “+” to start a new page (bottom-right)
  3. Select the shining-star icon (left, above the keyboard)
  4. Write your prompt
  5. Send it

There you go! That’s Notion AI on mobile.


Today you’ve learned everything about accessing Notion AI.

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