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December 27, 2023

Are you a fan of Notion AI? Looking for prompts?

In this guide, we will:

  • Show you 15 of the most relevant prompts
  • Which you can use for any (almost) purpose

We have a variety of prompt types. Let’s check them out!

Listed: 15 Best Notion AI Prompts

1. Project Management Dashboard

Prompt: “Create a project management dashboard that displays all current projects, with timelines, team assignments, and progress indicators.”

Notion AI creates a Project Management Dashboard
  • Displays all ongoing projects in one view
  • Visualizes project timelines
  • Shows which team members are assigned to each task
  • Indicates the progress of each project

2. Content Calendar

Prompt: “Design a content calendar for the upcoming month that includes post types, designated platforms, and targeted release times.”

Notion AI creates a content calendar
  • Organizes content by post type
  • Specifies which platforms to post on
  • Schedules content release times

3. Meeting Notes Summarizer

Prompt: “Synthesize the key points from today’s meeting into a summary with clear action items and deadlines for each team member.”

Meeting Notes Summarizer
  • Summarizes meeting discussions
  • Identifies and lists action items
  • Assigns tasks with deadlines to relevant team members

4. Idea Brainstormer

Prompt: “Suggest a list of innovative ideas for our upcoming marketing campaign based on the latest industry trends and consumer behavior insights.”

Notion AI sets up an Idea Brainstormer
  • Generates marketing campaign ideas
  • Factors in recent industry trends
  • Considers consumer behavior patterns

5. Personal Habit Tracker

Prompt: “Build a personal habit tracking system that logs daily activities like exercise, meditation, and reading, and displays weekly progress.”

  • Logs daily habits and routines
  • Monitors consistency and frequency
  • Displays progress over weeks

6. Reading List Organizer

Prompt: “Organize my reading list by categorizing books into genres, authors, and current reading status, and suggest a reading schedule based on my availability.”

Notion AI creates a Reading List Organizer
  • Categorizes books by genre and author
  • Tracks reading progress
  • Suggests a personalized reading schedule

7. Expense Tracker

Prompt: “Generate an expense tracker that categorizes my monthly income and expenditures, showing trends and areas for savings.”

Making an Expense Tracker with Notion AI
  • Tracks income and expenses
  • Categorizes financial activities
  • Highlights trends and potential savings

8. Research Paper Consolidator

Prompt: “Consolidate the key findings from various research papers into a categorized list by topic, methodology, and conclusions for easy reference.”

Using Notion AI to summarize text
  • Extracts main points from research papers
  • Organizes information by topic and method
  • Summarizes conclusions for quick reference

9. Recipe Management System

Prompt: “Create a recipe management system that sorts recipes by ingredients, dietary restrictions, and preparation time.”

Recipe Management System with Notion AI
  • Organizes recipes for easy access
  • Filters by ingredients and dietary needs
  • Sorts by preparation time

10. Workout Scheduler

Prompt: “Devise a workout plan that schedules my weekly fitness routines, tracks progress, and adjusts based on my fitness goals.”

Using Notion AI for a Workout Scheduler
  • Schedules weekly fitness activities
  • Tracks workout progress
  • Adjusts routines based on goals

11. Travel Itinerary Planner

Prompt: “Draft a comprehensive travel itinerary for a two-week trip to Japan that includes destinations, accommodations, and a day-to-day agenda.”

Notion AI as a Travel Itinerary Planner
  • Details destinations and activities
  • Includes accommodation information
  • Outlines a daily travel agenda

12. Daily Journal

Prompt: “Generate a daily journal template that prompts reflections on gratitude, daily achievements, and personal insights.”

Using Notion AI to build a Daily Journal
  • Guides daily reflection and gratitude
  • Encourages noting achievements
  • Facilitates recording of personal insights

13. Learning Pathway Creator

Prompt: “Outline a structured learning path for mastering digital marketing, with modules, resources, and milestone assessments.”

Using Notion AI as a Learning Pathway Creator
  • Structures a digital marketing learning path
  • Includes resources and study materials
  • Sets milestones for assessment and progress

14. Client Management System

Prompt: “Set up a client management system that keeps track of all client interactions, projects, and feedback in one place.”

Notion AI can be a Client Management System
  • Keeps a record of client interactions
  • Monitors ongoing projects and their status
  • Gathers and organizes client feedback

15. Book Summary Compiler

Prompt: “Summarize the key themes, plots, and character developments from my quarterly reading list into a comprehensive overview document.”

Using Notion AI as a Book Summary Compiler
  • Extracts main themes and plots
  • Discusses character development
  • Compiles insights into an overview document


There you have them! 15 of the most relevant Notion AI prompts.

As you can see, we made this a very broad list.

You can use these prompts for almost any purpose you’d use Notion for!

Learn how to become more productive with our guides on how to use AI.

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