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November 21, 2023

Not happy with ChatGPT‘s response? Ask it do answer again, in 1 click.

We’ll go through the ways to do it on desktop + mobile.

It is free to regenerate a response in ChatGPT.

What does regenerate mean?

In ChatGPT, “regenerate” means asking the AI chatbot to give a clearer answer to your question.

If you don’t understand the answer, ask ChatGPT to rephrase and explain in clearer terms.

Let’s see how to do this.

How to regenerate a response in ChatGPT

You can regenerate a response in ChatGPT by clicking the “Regenerate” button once the AI is done writing its first message.

Alternatively, type in a new prompt saying “Regenerate” or “Explain clearer”.

A. Desktop

Method 1: Button

Regenerating a response in ChatGPT
  1. Ask ChatGPT anything
  2. Wait for it to finish replying
  3. Click the “Regenerate” button

This will only regenerate the last answer it gave. Not the previous ones.

You can then cycle through the old + new answers, like so:

Switching from regenerated to old answer in ChatGPT
  • Click the “<” arrow to go to the 1st, original answer.
  • Then the “>” arrow to see the 2nd, regenerated answer.

Method 2: Prompt

Asking ChatGPT to regenerate response
  1. Ask ChatGPT anything
  2. Wait for its response
  3. Send a new message asking to regenerate.

However, using the “Regenerate” button is the easiest way to do this.

Not sure how to write a prompt? See these 10 Prompt Generators — they’ll help you understand how to ask ChatGPT for the right thing.

This way, you won’t have to regenerate messages all over.

B. Mobile

Method 1: Long-press

Regenerating a response in ChatGPT mobile
  1. Open ChatGPT
  2. Ask anything
  3. Long-press the response
  4. Tap “Regenerate Response

We’ve used an iPhone in this example. However, this work for Android as well.

Method 2: Prompt

Asking ChatGPT  to rewrite is answer in the mobile app
  1. Ask ChatGPT anything
  2. Wait for the answer
  3. Type & Send a message asking to regenerate

There you go! ChatGPT has rewritten its message.


We’ve just define what regenerating responses is….

Then, together we explored the 2/2 methods to regenerate responses in ChatGPT on desktop + mobile.

Hope this guide brought value to you!

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