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December 27, 2023

You’re probably on this page because you:

  • Want to use or have been using Notion AI
  • But you’re not sure of how safe it is
  • So you want to find out

In this guide, we’re talking about just that.

Is Notion AI safe to use?

Yes, Notion AI is 99.9% safe to use. They have many certifications stating so, and millions of users worldwide trust the app.

However: Never send private data like names, addresses, or card details.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be safe using Notion‘s AI tool.

Notion AI: Safety Certifications

Notion AI Data Safety

You can read more about Notion AI’s data security here.

1. Certifications Galore: They’ve bagged some of the industry’s most respected certifications:

  • SOC2: Trust is a big deal, and this certification means Notion AI handles your data with the highest care.
  • SOC3: Transparency is key, and with this badge, you know they’re an open book about their security chops.
  • ISO27001: International standards? Checked. Notion AI meets rigorous global security requirements.

2. HIPAA Compliant for Healthcare Data: If you’re in the healthcare biz, Notion AI has you covered.

They passed the HIPAA audit with flying colors. Just make sure you:

3. AI Writing Suite: Your Data Stays Yours.

Worried about your data being used to power the AI? Don’t be.

Notion AI promises:

  • No Data Mining: Your Customer Data isn’t used for AI training—period.
  • Full Rights Retained: Using Notion AI doesn’t give Notion any license to your data for machine learning.


With strong certifications and a solid stance on data privacy, Notion AI is built like a digital fortress.

They put your security and privacy first so nobody accesses it.

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