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December 27, 2023

You might be here because you:

  • Heard that Bing, the search engine, has an AI
  • And you want to access it
  • But you’re not sure how to

This guide gives you the answer. Join us!

How to access Bing AI

You can access Bing AI for free in three steps: Go to > Click “Chat” (top-left) > Type & Send your message.

Let’s detail each step of the process.

1. Open Bing

Bing Homepage
  1. Open your browser
  2. Go to

You can do this using the Microsoft Bing app or using any other browser.

2. Go to Chat

Opening Bing AI
  1. Look at the top bar
  2. Click “Chat

This will open a new window.

3. Start chatting

Chatting with Bing AI
  1. Make sure you’re in the “CHAT” tab (at the top)
  2. Start talking to the AI
  3. Get answers

There you go!

Fixed: I can’t use Bing AI

Error: “Bing Chat unavailable with your current SafeSearch setting”

Bing AI SafeSearch Error

This is the most common reason why people can’t access Bing AI.

In this section, we’re teaching you how to bypass that.

1. SafeSearch settings

Opening SafeSearch settings in Bing

Firstly, open the website. Then:

  1. Click the 3-line icon (top-right)
  2. Select “SafeSearch”

You’ll be taken to a new page.

2. Change from Strict

Changing SafeSearch settings in Bing
  1. Change to “Moderate” or “Off
  2. Hit the “Save” button

There you go! Now try to…

3. Use the AI

Chatting with Bing AI
  1. Go to the “CHAT” section
  2. Send a message
  3. Get the answer

Enjoy using Bing’s AI tool!


This guide took you through the ways to access Bing AI:

  • When it works
  • And when it doesn’t work

Hope you learned something new today!

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