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November 21, 2023

You’re probably here because you:

  • Use ChatGPT
  • Tried opening the Element Inspector (HTML)
  • And couldn’t open the menu
  • Instead: The last response was copied to clipboard

If you press “CTRL (CMD) + SHIFT + C” or another combination to open the menu…

This message might’ve come up:

ChatGPT Copies Last Response

But you don’t want to copy that response.

So, let’s see how to actually open the editor.

How to open element inspector in ChatGPT

  1. Open a conversation
  2. Right-click anywhere on the page
  3. Click “Inspect
  4. Start editing
How to open Element Inspector in ChatGPT

You can then edit anything on the webpage.

Note: Refreshing the page will reset any changes you’ve made.

Even if you knew that by now — it’s our job to tell you and warn you about any “dangerous” move’s outcomes.


This guide has shown you the way to open the Element Inspector in ChatGPT.

Hope you found what you’ve been looking for!

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