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November 25, 2023

Learn how to unlock the true power of ChatGPT: Code Interpeter.

Code interpreter = Advanced Data Analysis

In August 2023, OpenAI changed the name of “Code Interpreter” to “Advanced Data Analysis”.

Our team will now teach you:

  • How to enable Advanced Data Analysis
  • How to use it & Get the most out of it

You need to have ChatGPT Plus to use this.

However, it is 100% free to use as long as you’re a subscriber.

How to enable Advanced Data Analysis

To enable this feature in ChatGPT, click your name in the bottom-left corner, select Settings > Beta Features > Advanced data analysis.

Important: Advanced Data Analysis isn’t just for coding.

This tool helps you interpret code + analyze documents of any kind.

Let’s see each step required to enable this feature.

1. Settings

  1. Open ChatGPT on the web
  2. Click your name/email/icon (bottom left)
  3. Select “Settings & Beta

This will bring up a new screen.

2. Enable

Enabling Advanced Data Analysis in ChatGPT

In the Settings menu:

  1. Select “Beta Features” on the left
  2. Check “Advanced data analysis

You’ll know the feature is on when the switch is Green.

3. Use

Close the settings menu and get back to the chat.

Selecting Advanced Data Analysis in ChatGPT for a new conversation

Back in the New Chat section:

  1. Look to the left, on the side bar
  2. Select “Data Analysis
  3. Upload document(s)
  4. Write a prompt

There are various prompts you can use for ChatGPT’s Data Analysis tool.

Not sure how to ask correctly? See our list of the 10 best AI Prompt Generators.


To recap all of what we studies in this guide… You’ve just learned:

  • What “Code Interpreter” and “Advanced Data Analysis” are
  • The right way to turn on this feature in ChatGPT
  • How to start conversations with this AI model

This is it for now. Hope this guide was of help!

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