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December 27, 2023

Running into a “capacity reached” message on ChatGPT?

ChatGPT Plus has al limit of 50 answers every 3 hours.

In this guide, we’ll look at the ways to get around the limit.

How to use ChatGPT when at capacity

Option 1: Wait It Out

  • Sometimes patience is the best way to fix this.
  • In peak times, the servers can get overloaded.
  • Wait a bit and try again.
ChatGPT - Reached Usage Limit

This usually resolves itself in minutes.

Option 2: Clear Cache

  • Sometimes, a full cache can create bottlenecks.
  • Go ahead and clear your browser’s cache and cookies.
How to clear cache in Google Chrome

Then try to use ChatGPT again.

if that doesn’t work…

Option 3: Use Another Device/Network

Do it the easy way — first try using your phone.

ChatGPT on Mobile
  • Switching devices or networks can sometimes do the trick.
  • Try logging in from a different device.
  • Or connect to a different Wi-Fi/Mobile Data network.

Option 4: Updates

  • Outdated software can cause glitches.
  • Make sure your browser and system are up to date.
Updating Google Chrome

This picture is from Google’s Update Guide.

Updating your search engine will differ from one to another.

Option 5: Contact Support

You can complete this OpenAI Support Form and get an quote for higher GPT-4 usage.

ChatGPT Form For Extra Usage

Still no luck? Reach out to customer support.

They’re usually pretty quick to resolve issues like these.


There you go — the 5 reliable methods to fix ChatGPT if you’ve reached the usage cap.

In most cases, waiting it out is the best option — it usually goes away pretty quickly.

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