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December 27, 2023

In this guide, we’re answering all your Bing AI questions:

  • What is it
  • How does it work
  • What language model does it use
  • Differences to other AI chatbots

And way more.

Join us, and let’s look at what makes Bing AI special.

Bing AI, explained

A. Basic Information

In this section, we’re covering the must-know details about Bing AI.

Let’s go.

1. What is Bing AI?

  • Bing AI is Microsoft’s AI-enhanced search engine.
  • It is a chatbot and and a search engine, all in one.
Chatting with Bing AI

It leverages GPT language models to understand user queries and provide relevant responses.

2. Is Bing AI free to use?

  • Bing AI chatbot: Free to use.
  • Bing AI image generator: 15 free requests, then you have to pay.

We have a detailed guide about Bing AI Image Generator’s Pricing — over there, we explain how the tokens/boosts work…

As well as how to get more of them.

3. Does Bing AI have internet access?

Yes, Bing AI has the capability to access and browse the internet.

Bing AI searches the internet

Specifically, it has real-time access to:

  • Bing’s search data to offer current information.
  • All the data is actually updated in real time

Bing AI combines a chatbot + internet access.

4. Language model

Bing’s AI utilizes a customized next-generation large language model, powered by GPT-4 with OpenAI’s API for ChatGPT.

  • It’s built specifically for search.
  • Bing AI is noted for being faster and more capable than previous models like ChatGPT.

Essentially, Bing AI uses ChatGPT’s GPT-4 model.

5. Capabilities

You can use Bing AI for a wide range of queries:

  • From very specific questions
  • To broad topics
  • It’s designed to find answers and clarify previous inquiries.

It can even deliver AI-driven responses right on the search results page.

6. Get started

To use Bing AI:

  1. Go to to and initiate Bing Chat.
  2. Options to start include clicking on ‘Chat’, using the Bing logo, or selecting the ‘Try It’ feature.
  3. Then, simply interact with the AI by asking your questions.
Opening Bing AI

Not sure how this works? We’ve got a guide on how to access Bing AI.

That article goes in-depth, with images on how to get started with the chatbot.

B. Features

Real-Time AccessPulls in live data from Bing’s search engine for up-to-date answers.
Interactive ChatAllows for natural, flowing conversations with follow-up questions.
Direct AnswersProvides AI-generated answers directly on the search results page.
Broad Question HandlingCapable of understanding and responding to a wide range of queries.
Continuous ImprovementLearns from interactions to better understand user preferences over time.
Access MethodEasily accessible via through various user interface elements.

If the above wasn’t clear enough, we’ll now break down every feature.

1. Internet browsing

  • Bing AI taps into Bing’s search engine to pull in real-time data, ensuring that the information it provides is current​.

2. Mindful conversations

  • You can ask follow-up questions without starting over, making the conversation flow naturally​.

3. Direct answers

  • AI-powered responses can appear directly within the search results page, giving you immediate answers​

C. Use Bing AI effectively

In this section: Tips on how to better-use Bing AI.

1. Be specific

Clear Details, Better Answers

  • The more specific you are, the more you’ll get out of it.
  • It’s like using a map; the better the directions, the easier you’ll find your way.

2. Complex questions

  • Got something complicated on your mind?
  • Use the chat.

It’s built for the back-and-forth that tough questions need.

3. Follow-up

  • Don’t stop at the first answer.
  • Ask more to get to the core of the matter.

It’s like peeling an onion — layer by layer.

4. Check sources

  • Trust, but verify.
  • Take a look at the sources for peace of mind.
  • It’s like double-checking your receipts — you want to make sure everything checks out.

These are few tips to help you use Bing AI better.

D. Safety & Privacy

In this section: How to stay safe using Bing AI.

1. Understand limitations

Even the most advanced systems like Bing AI might slip up now and then. Think critically about what you read and see.

2. Interpret with care

Use your judgment. Not everything you get from AI will be spot-on, so take the responses with a grain of salt.

3. Privacy awareness

  • Think twice before you type out personal details.
  • The less you share, the better for your privacy.

4. Monitor your history

  • Every so often, go through your past interactions.
  • If something feels off, clearing your history is a smart move.

5. Secure connections

  • Make sure your internet connection is locked down.
  • It’s like making sure your front door is locked—it keeps your searches safe from nosy folks.

You’ll be safer while using Bing AI if you follow these tips.


This article answered the most common questions about Bing AI.

Hope you learned new things!

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