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December 27, 2023

Study how to delete your ChatGPT account.

In this guide, we’ll show you the two methods:

  1. Directly deleting your account
  2. Asking OpenAI, ChatGPT’s maker, to do it for you

Deleting your account + data is 100% free.

Let’s dive in.

How to I permanently delete your ChatGPT account

To permanently delete your ChatGPT account: Open the app > Click your name > Settings > Data Controls > Delete Account > Confirm.

We’ll now take you through the step-by-step process.

Method 1: Settings

This implies doing it yourself, from the very ChatGPT app.

1. Settings

  1. Open the ChatGPT Website
  2. Click your name (bottom-left)
  3. Select “Settings & Beta

This will bring up a new screen with “General Settings“.

2. Data controls

You now have to go to the “Data controls” section.

Data controls - Settings in ChatGPT
  1. Look at the left side’s menu
  2. Select “Data Controls

You’ll now see different settings.

3. Delete account

ChatGPT - Deleting Account
  1. Click the red “Delete” button
  2. Confirm changes

Reminder: This action cannot be undone!

You’re about to permanently delete your ChatGPT account.

If you agree with this, you’ve got one more step:

Refreshing ChatGPT to delete account
  • Click “Refresh login

Your account is now deleted and you should be asked to sign up/log back into ChatGPT.

Done. Your ChatGPT account is forever gone, and your data is now deleted.

Method 2: Email

OpenAI Email Address To Contact For Account Deletion
  1. Open your Email provider
  2. Compose a new message
  3. Recipient: [email protected]
  4. Message: Tell the team that you want your account deleted

However, the first method is more reliable.

This is just as a back-up in case the first one doesn’t work properly, for whatever the reason.


  • You’re now up to date on the steps you need to take to delete your account.
  • Safely get out of the OpenAI & ChatGPT space with these two methods.

Hope you learned something new!

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