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November 20, 2023

In this guide, we’ll show you how to sign out from ChatGPT.

Let’s go.

How to log out of ChatGPT

To log out of ChatGPT: Open the app > Click your name (bottom-left) > Click “Log Out”.

First of all, you need to register or sign up for ChatGPT.

A. Desktop

1. Open the app

ChatGPT - App Home Page

You could start a new conversation or be in a new one.

2. Settings

  1. First open the sidebar
  2. Look in the bottom-left corner
  3. Click your name

This will open a new menu.

3. Log out

Logging out of ChatGPT
  • Select Log Out

This will take you back to ChatGPT’s landing page:

ChatGPT - Best AI Website For Chatbots

That’s it. You’re now out of your account.

B. Mobile

  • Website: Logging out of ChatGPT on mobile is the same as on desktop
  • Downloaded app: Open the app > Settings > Scroll to the bottom > “Sign out“.

For the downloaded version, follow the step-by-step process below.

1. Settings

How To Open Settings in ChatGPT Mobile
  1. Open the app
  2. Tap on the Menu icon (top-left)
  3. Select your name at the bottom

2. Scroll & Sign out

Signing out of ChatGPT on mobile
  1. Scroll to the bottom
  2. Select Sign out

You’ll now be taken back to the log-in screen.


Now you know how to sign out of your ChatGPT account.

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