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December 27, 2023

This tutorial is everything you need to know about Voice Replication with AI.

Learn how to clone your voice for free.

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For now, let’s go to replicating voices with Artificial Intelligence.

How to use AI to replicate voices

You can use AI to replicate voices by: choosing an AI tool, selecting a specific voice,

1. Sign up

For this example, we’re going to use PlayHT’s Voice Cloner.

PlayHT - AI Voice Cloning

However, you can choose any app that you like.

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Most of them are also voice cloners.

2. Voice Clone

Go to the section where you clone voices in your app.

When you get there, hit the “+ Create a New Clone” button.

Voice clone section in PlayHT

3.Upload audio

For this step, note that you first need an audio recording.

It’s best having a high-quality audio file — it’s for the better output.

Uploading an audio file in an AI Voice Cloner

These are all the steps you need to take here:

  1. Select the speaker’s gender
  2. Upload your audio file
  3. Check the box confirming copyrights
  4. Click “Create

You’ll then have to wait a while for the AI tool to confirm your request:

Request sent for AI Voice Cloning

In the meantime, you’ll get this notification telling you that your job is done here.

  • Most apps notify you via email when they’re done replicating the voice.
  • After being notified, you can start using the replicated voice.


You’ve just learned how to replica an AI voice with PlayHT.

While we’ve used PlayHT for this example, note that most other apps work very similarly.

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