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December 27, 2023

Short answer: For the most part, ChatGPT is secure. As long as you don’t share super personal information, you are 100% safe.

Concerned about your privacy and data while using ChatGPT?

In this guide, we will:

  • Show you the risks of using ChatGPT
  • Prevent you from unwanted events
  • Teach you how to stay safe while using the AI

Let’s check this out.

ChatGPT: Safety and Risks

Below is our list of safety concerns regarding ChatGPT.

1. Not 100% private

Be cautious about what you share.

While ChatGPT says you are safe with it, you still shouldn’t share sensitive data.

ChatGPT doesn't recommend sharing private data with it
  • Why: Data is stored on OpenAI’s servers and accessible to its team.
  • Note: Conversations contribute to training the model by default.

2. Collected data

Read ChatGPT’s privacy policy.

It is strongly tied with the mother company’s privacy policy — OpenAI.

OpenAI and ChatGPT Privacy Policy
  • Why: It gathers your name, phone number, IP, and more.
  • Clarification: OpenAI won’t sell your data but may share it with selected partners and authorities.

3. Misleading answers

Double-check facts from ChatGPT.

  • The AI itself says it isn’t always accurate.
  • It’s always mentioned at the bottom of your screen

See for yourself:

ChatGPT saying it might produce misleading information
  • Why: Responses can be biased or incorrect.
  • Limitation: The model can’t cite its sources, making verification crucial.

4. Never too safe

Don’t rely solely on ChatGPT’s security measures.

  • Why: No system is 100% secure.
  • Reality Check: Even secure platforms can be hacked, risking your sensitive info.

Interestingly, this brings us to…

How to stay safe using ChatGPT

Follow these steps to remain safe privacy-wise using ChatGPT.

Below is our list.

1. Documenting

Read OpenAI’s policy and terms of service — not just the privacy policy!

OpenAI Terms of Use
  • Why: Understand how your data is used and stored.
  • Pro Tip: Bookmark these documents for future reference.

You can find all of OpenAI’s polices here.

2. Chat history

Go to Settings > Data Controls in ChatGPT.

Turning off Chat History in ChatGPT
  • Why: To prevent long-term storage of your chats.
  • Note: Chats may still be on OpenAI’s servers for 30 days for review.

Learn more:

Let’s move on.

3. Official apps

Use only the official website or iOS app.

ChatGPT - AI App for iOS
  • Why: Avoid scam versions that may misuse your data.
  • Warning: There’s no legit Android app as of now.

Official App Links
1. Website – ChatGPT Web App
2. iOS – ChatGPT App Store
3. Android – ChatGPT Play Store

5. Extensions

Research before installing any ChatGPT-related browser extensions.

Google Chrome - Extension Web Store
  • Why: Some might be phishing scams or data harvesters.

Read further: 15 Best (and safe) ChatGPT extensions

6. Data deletion

You’ve got two options:

  1. Permanently delete your account
  2. Email for data deletion

The official email for data deletion is: [email protected]

ChatGPT - Deleting Account
  • Why: If you’re not satisfied with ChatGPT’s data policies.

However, be careful with this. This action cannot be undone.


That’s all you need to know about staying safe and other data-related concerns of ChatGPT.

Hope you learned something new in this guide!

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